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Top things you should not miss in Namche bazaar

7th February 2023

Top things you should not miss in Namche bazaar

Namche Bazaar, also known as Namche Bazar, Nemche Bazaar, or Namche Baza, is a town (formerly the Namche Village Development Committee) in Province No. 1 of north-eastern Nepal's Solukhumbu District and Khumbu Pasanglhamu Rural Municipality. At its lowest point, it is 3,440 meters (11,286 feet) above sea level and covers the slopes of a hill in the Khumbu region. Namche Bazaar, the entryway to the high Himalaya, is well-liked by trekkers in the Khumbu region, particularly for acclimatization to the altitude. There are numerous hotels, shops, and internet cafés in the town that cater to tourists' needs. There are several restaurants, small cafes, and bakeries throughout Germany.

The starting location for treks to Everest and other nearby Himalayan peaks is Namche Bazaar (3,500 m). It has grown into a tiny, vibrant market town with everything you would need for your journey, including Tibetan antiquities, trekking and climbing gear. The weekly market fair, which brightens up Namche Bazaar, is prepared for every Saturday morning. The center of the town is the focus of this fair, when vendors from Tibet and other villages display their wares and necessities in an effort to draw clients.

Syangboche airport in namche bazaar 

Syangboche airport is a domestic airport situated near Namche Bazaar in Solukhumbu District, a district in Province No. 1 of Nepal. The airport is the nearest airport to Everest Base Camp and Mount Everest. The airport was built in 1971 under the direction of Takashi Miyahara, and it was inaugurated on June 1, 1973, with a test flight by Royal Nepal Airlines. It was constructed to serve Hotel Everest View [jp], the highest-ranking hotel at the time. The airport is located at a height of 3,748 meters (12,297 feet) above mean sea level. There is only one runway, and it is 405 meters (1,329 feet) long. There are no scheduled services going to or from Syangboche Airport right now.

Sherpa Culture Museum in Namche Bazaar 

Sherpa Culture Museum is located in the Everest neighborhood's renowned Namche Bazaar. Wander up to the Sherpa Museum, which is located next to the military base at 3,555 meters/11,663 ft). Although a brand-new interactive museum is in the works, you may now take a tour and discover more about the Sherpa culture, Sagarmatha National Park, and Nepal's Everest region. A sizable statue of Tenzing Norway can be found there, together with rocks from the bottom of the world and the summit of Everest, and there are views of Mount Everest in the distance. For a small fee collected at the door, the museum is open to all visitors who travel to the Everest region for hiking, a campaign, or research purposes.

Withdraw cash from the Atm in Namche Bazaar 

The final place to withdraw money before the hike is Namche Bazar. It is crucial to withdraw the required funds for the journey because they do not take credit/Visa cards or internet payments for the remaining portions of the expedition. In Namche Bazar, there are ATMs and various banking amenities. Make sure you have enough cash on you if you're traveling from Namche Bazaar to Everest Base Camp or another location in the Everest Region. 

Saturday morning market in Namche Bazaar 

You can visit the marketplace that gives Namche Bazaar its name. The center of the town is the focal point of this fair, where vendors from Tibet and other villages set up shop and sell necessities to passersby. As they have done for centuries, locals from the surrounding districts bring their produce to sell on their own or on the back of a yak. For the locals, it's one of the rare opportunities to stock up on things they don't produce themselves, making it a crucial lifeline. There are domestic essentials such as bulk food, clothing, and shoes available here; no souvenirs exist.

Everest view hotel hike from Namche Bazaar 

The Everest View Hotel is recognized as the highest hotel in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. It offers a breathtaking view of the tallest mountains in the world and is situated at a height of 13000 feet above sea level. It is a really opulent hotel nestled among the Himalayas, and spending some quiet time here can be wonderful. However, you do not need to stay at the hotel to enjoy the view from the hotel's courtyard. Everyone is welcome to enter this courtyard and enjoy the scenery.

You can glimpse Mt. Everest by ascending the hill behind Namche Bazaar. The contour of Ama Dablam, a nearby mountain that can be seen from all directions, is even more spectacular. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to hike all the way to the Everest View Hotel.

Thame village near Namche Bazaar 

Thame is a little Sherpa settlement located close to Tibet's periphery. The best Everest climbers are most likely from Thame. Additionally, it is where Ang Rita Sherpa, also known as "the Snow Leopard," lives and holds the record for repeated oxygen-free ascents of Mount Everest. From the little airfield at Lukla, Thame Legendary leads us through the bustling Sherpa hub of Namche Bazaar before carefully ascending from the swarming masses of the main trail to faraway Thame. The air becomes significantly cooler and thinner. 

World’s highest iris pub in Namche Bazaar 

The highest Irish pub in the world is located in Namche. It's fascinating to observe how a local community may meld with a global one without losing its sense of place and history. In Namche Bazaar, a Khumbu village in Nepal said to be regarded as the entrance to the Himalayas, the Irish Pub is a well-known landmark. The settlement is located at an elevation of 11,386 feet (3,440 meters) at its lowest point, making it the highest Irish bar in the world. The pub is an oddly cosmopolitan addition to the peaceful streets of Namche Bazaar, which is home to 1,600 hardy inhabitants and is situated in a horseshoe-shaped basin in the middle of the snow-capped Himalayan highlands. Tourists can now enter the pub, which has been shuttered since April 10 because of the coronavirus. The Irish Pub also has an extensive selection of spirits, with a focus on Irish imports like Jameson, Guinness, Erin's Rock, Murphy's Irish Stout, Baileys, St Brendan's, and other alcoholic beverages. 

Khumjung and Khunde village near Namche Bazaar 

A little distance from Namche Bazar is the twin Sherpa villages of Khumjung and Khunde. These two communities are divided by rock walls in accordance with Sherpa tradition. These towns are surrounded by stunning views on all sides and feature stony fields. In the Khumbu area, Khumjung is the biggest village. From Namche, the traditional settlements of Khunde and Khumjung are higher up. The main settlement in the Khumbu is Khumjung, located at the base of the revered peak Khumbila. 


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