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An epitome to natural beauty and home to numerous snowy peaks, trekking in Nepal is a magical experience. With world’s greatest peaks like Everest, Makalu, Annapurna and Kanchenjunga, this small Himalayan country welcomes you to experience wonderful trekking holidays in different exotic trekking locations. With ever-ending trekking opportunities, Nepal treks not only gratifies natural splendor but also offers optimal adventure.

The mind-blogging views of mountain vistas, close peek to traditional tribal villages, age-old and ornate temples and monasteries, emerald hillside scenery and blanketed view of wildflowers makes the trek more special. You can climb high above mountain plateau, walk through small villages or icy deserts and sub-tropical/alpine forest.

Whether you are a seasonal hikers or novice trekkers, the extensive choice of trekking routes accommodates the desire of every trekkers. Trekking in Nepal offers you to admire the art of nature at every twist and turn during the journey.

Imagine hiking through the one of world’s most pristine forest – where you can witness diverse floral and faunal species (totally harmless). Nepal trekking routes are quite and nicely decorated with a blanket of leaves on the forest floors. The whispering of birds add more charm to the trek. Most of the trails, initially, drive deep into the forest and climb high above the tree line with close and full-scape view of snowy peaks. Staying at local teahouse allows the in-depth knowledge about the local and traditional which is very intriguing.

Nepal Horizon Treks & Expedition is locally-operated trekking company in Nepal who have years of experience in the field of professional tourism and hospitality sectors. We take safety factors on serious concerns, so we provide experienced and medically trained trekking guide. Our expert travel management team in association with strong networks ensures prompt rescue in case of emergencies. Personalized care is our priority.

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