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Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan kingdom, is truly a paradise unexplored. This is probably the only country where the success is measured on Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product.

Bhutan is perfect destination if you want a respite from hectic schedule and reconnect with yourself. Buddhism is not mere a religion in Bhutan, it’s the way of life. You will notice this from the very moment you step in the country and interact with local people. If you visit the Bhutanese house, you will witness a three-storeyed building where the third floor would always have a shrine or prayer room.  

About 60% of Bhutan is protected national park, offering the best place to unwind in pristine nature and environment.

Tour in Bhutan is the best way to explore the fascinating highland landscapes and mountain vistas while taking a close peek to local culture and tradition. If you want a spiritual experience and witness some of virtually unexplored region in the world, Bhutan tour is the perfect option for you.

Here are the list of top things to do during tour in Bhutan

Score a bull’s Eye

Archery is a national game in Bhutan. On the hill, across the fields and in the stadiums throughout the country, you will encounter people taking an arrow shot at a tiny silver of a target positioned a whopping 140m away.

You will find many spectators and group of cheerleaders (singing and dancing in a circle in their cultural outfit) encouraging to their team and derision to the oppositions.

Hike to Tiger’s nest Monastery

Perched majestically at sheer rock cliff face soaring 900m above the Pro Valley, Taktsang Lhakhang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery) is Bhutan’s Machu Pichhu, its Taj Mahal. Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of Tiger and confronted with demon at the very spot where the monastery is located.

Search for Yeti and other creators

This Himalayan kingdom has been isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. The stories and legends of the country is still untold. Bhutan has its own fair share myths and legends.

People believes the high mountains cliffs are the home to yeti despite no reliable proof has recorded behind its discovery. But Himalayan Beer & Snow leopard can be seen occasionally.

Witness Monks dance at Tsechu Festival

You can ask any Bhutanese about the major highlights of Bhutan Tour, you will get a Monks dance at Tsechu festival. It is the festival where large people gather on the tenth day of any given Tibetan Lunar month, depending on the region.

It is a time of brisk trade and ceremonial dances and opportunities to meet with friends from remote and outlying villages. Paro Tshechu is held every spring in Paro Dzongkhag.

Cham dance is the major highlights of Tsechu where monks perform fearsome mask and elaborate costumes and performs some energetic traditional dances.

Enjoy the mountain views from high passes

The Kingdom of Bhutan is located on the lap of Himalayas. Go for long hikes and walks to various monasteries or hills or drive to high passes like Dochula Pass or the Chele Pa Pass to enjoy some outstanding mountain vistas. If you want to explore some of the magical Himalayan views, Bhutan tour is the best to be!!

Spice it up the Bhutanese way

Don’t miss to try Bhutanese cuisine. The Bhutanese cuisine is spicy and healthy with cheese, chilli, meat and rice being the main ingredients. Ema Datshi is made of cheese and chilli which is their national dish. It is unique and flavorful. If those who don’t like spicy, go for meal of boiled vegetable, rice and meat.

Explore the Dzong and the Gompas

The Kingdom of Bhutan is known for age-old and ornate Dzongs and monasteries. Visit several monasteries that portrays ancient Bhutanese histories. Taktsung Palphug Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Trongsa Monastery are some significant sites to visit during Bhutan trip.

These monasteries and forts are very peace and serene where one can learn about the Bhutanese Buddhism by looking at the scriptures, figures and paintings.

Explore Nature and Wildlife

Bhutan is dream come true for Nature and wildlife lovers. As it is located at the lap of Himalayas, you can witness many species of flowers, trees, bamboos, birds and animals flourishing in the forest.

The rare species like Takin (national animal), snow leopard, black necked cranes and tigers can be witnessed in the National parks that are built to protect them.

The Jigme Dorji National Park is the major attraction of Bhutan tourism.

Get an adrenaline rush

Bhutan is paradise for adventure enthusiast. You can partake in various adventurous activities like Rock climbing, cycling, Kayaking, Rafting and fishing. All the activities are done in the lap of nature.

Be the part of Gross National Happiness

Bhutan is probably the only country where Gross National Happiness is an indicator that displays that the happiness and social quality of life is significant that the economy of the country. Visit Bhutan, live with local and be the part of Gross National Happiness.

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